Living and working in SHANGHAI, CHINA



Employed at ICICLE


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SUMMARY: I am passionate about textile design and I have a wide range of experience in this field. I have a particularly strong background in print and woven fabric design, sourcing and fine art textiles.

  • I have 6 years experience as a textile designer working for a Chinese high-end fashion brand company in China and a further 3 years technical experience assisting students, professors and textile professionals with their printed, knitted and woven projects at Rhode Island School of Design.
  • I am an expert in pattern design (design in repeat and color reduction), with fine art skills in drawing, painting and photography.
  • I am skilled with researching and reporting on seasonal trends, working with design teams on seasonal mood boards and color palettes, fabric selection and fabric development direction.
  • I am experienced with working with the PLM system, managing color palettes for custom patterns and pantone colors.
  • I have woven design and technical expertise (floor loom, dobby and Jacquard)
  • I also have experience in fabric, accessories and secondary process sourcing in Mainland China, Europe and Japan


I first studied weaving at age 16 at Sevenoaks School under the instruction of Lesley Millar. It was the start of a lifelong passion for textile art and design as well as Asian studies. Lesley introduced me to the ethereal beauty of Japanese contemporary textile art. This inspired me to study Japanese Aesthetic, Buddhist Philosophy and Zen Meditation. I was able to pursue all of my interests with vigor while completing my BFA at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). During my undergraduate program I took time to work and practice at Tassajara, Soto Zen Buddhist Monastery in California. Also I volunteered with VIA (Volunteers in Asia) in Bali, living with a Balinese family, learning Indonesian and working with a local Fair Trade Organization in Ubud. In addition I started working part time for SELVEDGE, a high-end textile magazine based in London, while I completed my studies. I was also employed as an assistant to the Asian Art curator at the RISD museum, who managed some of the most exquisite Japanese prints and other Asian artifacts. Every experience enriched and deepened my understanding for the appreciation of textile art and Asian aesthetic. All of this greatly expanded my view of the world.

Rather than continuing to do a Masters degree, I chose to take up a full time position working in the Textile Department at RISD as a Technical Assistant. I was able to work closely with the students and faculty, supporting them and strengthening my technical knowledge and expertise.  My responsibilities included fixing and maintaining industrial textile machinery such as the Mimaki digital printer, the STOLL knitting machine, and the Jacquard loom.

After 3 years employment and exploring part-time interests in non-profit arts organizations, I made a big lifestyle shift. I accepted an offer to work in Shanghai, China for ICICLE, a high-end, forward thinking, local fashion brand with the philosophy MADE IN NATURE. This company promotes a comfortable, sustainable and professional lifestyle. Their Eco philosophy is of particular interest to me and offers the opportunity to learn more through a practical industrial experience. I really enjoy the work especially given the opportunity to collaborate with my Chinese and French colleagues and to travel to visit factories and attending trade shows in China as well as Europe and Japan. In my spare time, I love to travel further to experience more diverse Asian cultures, particularly in the more remote areas, exploring sacred and spiritual sites. I especially enjoy studying their rich ethnic textile history and am in awe of their exquisite handcrafted fabrics and embroideries. The inspiration for my personal work is stimulated by natural environments, with a particular meditative light and atmosphere.